Thursday, April 17, 2014

I will write 5 comments on your blog or any website

Believe me! If your website doesn't have any comment, you won't get much rank or traffic. People like to see your website in active with visitors and comments

I'll write 5 comments on anything you choose: Google +, twitter, blog, forum, photo, or any website except adult or illegal content.

Here is what I'll do before I comment on your website:

1) I'll browse around your website

2) I'll understand your content first before make any comment

3) I'll make positive comment according to my opinion to the content

You can tell me which content you want me to comment on. Otherwise, I choose randomly.

I don't make a long paragraph, but I'll make a decent words which no longer than 140 words. 
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I will post your banner or photo on my twitter

The most popular place to advertise your banner/photo is twitter!!! Where else can you find that many people online?

Guaranteed everyone will see it!

Here is what I'll do for you:

1) I'll post your banner/photo on my tweet

2) I'll put your website/url on the banner/photo plus on the tweet message as well

3) I'll promote for you twice in two days

Here I'll help you maximize the rank!

I don't accept any adult or illegal content

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I will promote your Banner FOREVER in my website

Best Gig Ever For Free Lifetime Advertisement!
I'll help you promote your banner size 200x200 in my site
You only pay $5 for your bann3r to upload in my website page.
Banner will be advertised Free Forever!
My website is a blog that I post things I think are interest. Any topics will go along with it.
This is my main website and sure I'll deliver the maximum visitors in the future.
All my visitors will see your bann3r.
Don't miss this great opportunity while it last! Limited offer only
Please no illegal or adult content!

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* If you don't have the size above, give me any that are close to it.

I will tweet to 18332 followers for active promotion

1. My followers are topic wise and I like to tweet different topics all the time.
2. You are welcome to promote your product or service in any topic.
3. Make your message as interest as possible for some retweets from them.
4. I don't do adult or illegal content.
5. My twitter is growing every day with all active fans.
6. I don't guarantee sale/click because no one can control people activity.
What I can say is that I get retweets most of the time from my followers.

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I will advertise your banner on my homepage for 7 days

Hurry advertise your banner on my blog homepage for more traffic and visibility!
1. I only accept two type of banners on my homepage and it's visible in all pages on my website. 250x250 or 300x250
2. My website is a blog about joke and funny video.
3. I don't accept any adult or illegal content.
4. Adsense safe
5. Blog is topic wise and any topic can be promoted along.
6. 7 days advertisement! Hurry space is limited! Increase your promotion visibility and rank!

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